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Ah, ha. Yes, Mustang Owner by day, drummer by night...not really, Im always a Mustang Driver, and if I play late at night its at a bar, because my neighbors dont like it when I play late!

Well, Ive been playing drums for about 7 or 8 years now. I was on the drumline in High School, and in a couple high school garage bands. I have also joined a few local cover bands and a original band since High School, but am currently not in a band. Its very time consuming, and being a drummer, there is quite a bit of equipment to carry. I have been in bands that have original type music that would sound similar to bands like Crowbar, Down, Tool. Original bands I have been in covered bands like No Doubt, Rage Against the Machine, Bush, Dick Dale, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Filter...etc. The list goes on. I have done it all except for Country. My most recent set is a Yamaha 5 pc. Stage Custom. It has a 22"bass drum, 10",12",14" toms(not the standard size, when I play live, the drums sound much brighter with the smaller size), and a 14" steel snare. I have Sabian Flat Hats(14"), Sabian Medium Thin Crash(16"), Sabian Medium Crash(18"), Sabian Dry Ride(22"), Sabian B8 pro Splash(8") and a Zildijan Oriental Chinese "Trash"[(18")no I dont mean it sounds like trash, I LOVE IT!]I love Aquarian Studio X heads for recording, but I like the duribility of the Remo Pinstripes for live playing, but I always use the Aquarian Satin Finish Snare head, and Aquarian Bass Drum head(cant recall the name, but I requires no muting, its built in), I also have a Aquarian Double Kick Pad on there for protection against head breakage. I use all Yamaha Hardware including bass pedals. I bought the Double Bass Pedal with the steel re-enfrocement under them with double chain drive and sealed/greased connecting rod. It really does the trick. Well enough talk,  Wanna See it? Hope so, because here it comes!