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Hurst Shifter Install Notes

Things you will need:

(2)3/8" Fine thread 1 1/4" long bolts

(2)7/8" Lock Washers

(6)3/8" Lock Washers


One each bolt put the washers on in this sequence:...

                   (1) 7/8" Lock washer, (3) 3/8" Lock washer

Now you must have all of the rubber that was attached to the shifter all removed, all you should have is the shifter handle. Now put the bolts through the holes in the shifter(yes the holes are big) and get the threads started in the hurst portion.

Now tighten those bolts very tight, you will hear some clicking, thats the lock washers being "Pushed"into the will have to get it very tight to get all the washers in there.........


Go for a drive, and notice the big can actually feel what gear your in, no slop at all...

But for those of you who like no vibration or no shifting noise at all, keep the rubber bushing, but for those of you who want to maximize the potential of the shifter....GO FOR IT!


But dont forget to set the stops after all of this...

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