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Note: This may also apply to LX's and Cobra's as well. See the red writing below*

To See what happens when you hit a ditch, and the scoop fills up with mud, and you do 2 1/4 runs and wait about 400 miles to clean the K and N filter, click HERE

This is a view from the front inside the fenderwell, with the pass. side side marker lamp removed.

This is a view from under the bumper where the PVC pipe joins the dryer ducting, and you can see the screw I used to secure it to the bumper.

This is a side shot of the way it looks...mine is a little banged up right now because I hit a ditch at the track(more on that later)

I layed under the car to take this can see my plywood adapter plate that mates the duct to the airbox.

Heres a view with the air filter removed, inside the engine compartment.


4" flexible metal dryer hose

8" by 6" piece of plywood

Wood Screws (at least 1" long)

Caulking or other type of sealant(this is optional, but worth it to make it sealed)

3" PVC pipe, about 5" long

3" pipe rubber end with center cut out. The picture below shows the what it looks like after I had cut out the center section. I picked mine up at Home Depot in the plumbing section. See picture below.

Optional: A can of body colored spray paint

First, you must still be using your pannel filter in the stock air box

Remove the air box by unhooking the box from the mass air meter, next unscrew the two bolts that secure the box to the fenderwell.

Place the piece of wood in the fender

With the piece of wood in the fenderwell, place it against the hole the air used to come through. Take a pen and draw an outline of the hole on the wood.

Remove the wood. Take the flexible dryer hose, and conform it(bend it)so that it will stay within the hole you drew on the wood(basically, the hose was round when you bought it, now you are going to make one end oval.). Once you have the hose bent, draw its outline within the hole you drew on it when it was in the fenderwell.

Cut that hole out with a saber saw.

On the end of the dryer hose that doesnt have a pipe clamp(or if both ends have one, just pick one end)cut slits one inch appart at the end.

Next, this is IMPORTANT, FIRST Place the end of the dryer hose you cut slits in, inside of the hole you just cut. THEN Bend back the pieces of metal you sliced to conform and form a lip to the wood. If you bend the metal back first, you cant slide the hose through the hole you just cut in the wood.

Screw screws through the metal you just bent into the wood so that it will secure the dryer hose to the wood.

Use caulking and squirt it around the hole to seal any holes around the dryer hose.

Work the hose/wood into the fenderwell where it will reside.

Once its there hold it in place against the fender. You may need someone else to give you a hand. Make sure the opening for the dryer hose is centered in the opening.

There are holes already in the fender in which you can screw holes in that will grab hold of the wood and hold it where you want. Put as many screws as you wish. You may need to use washers on the screws so that they dont slip just depends on the width of the screw head you are using.

I then caulked somemore around where it meets the fender.

Next, go to the other end of the dryer hose. Take your PVC, and drill a hole about 1/2" wide on one end, about an inch from the edge, and put the rubber ring around the other end of it. *There is a bolt that screws into the front fascia underneath the bumper that is about 10" from the passenger side. Remove it.* LX's may have this bolt, or one close if so you can do it, if not, you may be able to put a screw in there to secure the PVC pipe.

Now slip the end of the PVC ,with the rubber ring around it, inside of the dryer hose. Once you get about 1 1/2" of the pipe into the dryer hose, put a hose clamp on the outside of the whole Pipe/Hose and tighten it to hold the pipe inside the hose.

Now take and line your hole you drilled up with the bolts hole you removed(you may have to loosen the clamp to line it up correctly) and put the bolt in and tighten.

Now if you want to make it look less obvious you have a ram air, paint the PVC pipe before you install it your bodys color. It really makes a difference.


Put your filter box back in the car and take it for a test drive!

If anyone has any questions (Im sure I left something out) or installs it on an LX or Cobra, or GT and has comments, let me know. Thanks. EMAIL ME.

NOTE: The information provided above or within this website is to be taken at your own discresion and to be used with CAUTION!