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homestang1.jpg (98088 bytes)

homestang2.jpg (104474 bytes)

homestang3.jpg (96096 bytes)

I swear I didnt paint it
that color!

homestang4.jpg (80200 bytes)

homestang5.jpg (83565 bytes)

homestang6.jpg (22342 bytes)

mystang1.jpg (226869 bytes)

mystang10.jpg (154978 bytes)

mystang5.jpg (204210 bytes)

sunroof1.jpg (12867 bytes)

Somebody installed an
electric sunroof

sunroof2.jpg (8310 bytes)

25thpony.jpg (12003 bytes)

It was made in the
25th Year

back1.jpg (121490 bytes)

Before the addition of
5 Star Pony Rims
and LX tailights

frontside10.jpg (85053 bytes)

Same thing here